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EnrgFund Offers Cost-Effective Solar Project Loans

Solar Financing made Simple

Access Top-Quality Panels from Top Manufacturers and Get Rapid Funding Solutions


We go beyond credit scores, approving more projects to help you reach your goals.


Lower fees and rapid funding enable you and your contractor to start the project promptly.


A straightforward, efficient process so you can get approved quickly.

Industry Experience

We partner with your contractor so you get fast solar installs.

We Are Here For You

Our team thoroughly evaluates each application, extending our assessment beyond mere credit checks to support a greater number of eligible homeowners. We are here to guide you throughout the qualification, approval, funding process, and beyond.

Financing Your Solar Loan is Simple

Following These Few Simple Steps, You Can Secure Funding For Your Solar Project


Your contractor will send you an application with your project details filled out so all you have to do is provide your personal financial information.

Credit Decision

Get an immediate decision, allowing you to proceed with funding your solar installation project

Contract & Fund

Sign your contract.  We disburse funds directly to your contractor at pre-arranged milestones during your solar energy system installation.

Pay by ACH or Check

Easily connect your bank with EnFin for ACH autopay and qualify for a discount on your APR, or pay by check.  Sit back and enjoy the benefits of going solar!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Our PPA Program

Going solar will reduce your home energy costs, but your solar loan payments will not replace your utility bills. For example, if you have a gas stove or gas heating, you may still receive a gas bill. Additionally, your solar system may not cover all of your electric costs.

No. Borrowers only pay for interest that has already accrued. Prepayments get applied to accrued interest first, and then applied to the principal balance.

Yes. We accept up to two applicants per loan, provided that one or both applicants are listed on title to the property where the solar project is being installed.

You can view your billing statement by logging into your account and clicking Manage Account and then Account Documents. This will give you access to view all billing statements while the loan is serviced by EnrgFund.

Start Your PPA Journey Today

Start Your PPA Journey Today

Transition to Clean Energy with Zero Upfront Costs and Immediate Savings

Transition to Clean Energy with Zero Upfront Costs and Immediate Savings